Quranic Words

QuranicWords helps you to learn the 569 words that account for about 80% of the Quran, making it easy to learn their meanings at your own pace and convenience.


This app provides a pocket reference guide to Hajj as it guides you through the various steps while providing you with pertinent duas for each step.

Divine Names

This app helps us memorize the 99 names of Allah which are presented in Arabic along with their audio and English translation and transliteration.


This app provides the steps for performing Salat al-Istikhara (the prayer of guidance in Islam) as taught to us by the Prophet (PBUH). The app includes the du’aa in audio and its translation.


Quranic Du'aas provides the user with over 40 beautiful du’aas to make it easier for us to memorize the du’aas so that they become part of our daily lives.


Pick from one of the fifteen sample cards provided or pick a picture from your photo album as your card to create and send a personalized greeting card.


The Umrah app guides users through Umrah by describing the different steps of Umrah, the accompanying duas, providing additional tips to help users get the most out of their Umrah experience.


This app aims to make it easier for us to memorize the last 28 surahs of the Quran so we can recite them in our salaats or remember them during our day.


Learn how to pray the funeral prayer step by step. The app includes the du'aas in audio and sketches of the prayer steps, according to Sunni Muslim beliefs.